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5 Responses to “a little about…… you”

  1. Elsie Says:

    Hi Kifimbocheza,
    I like your musings on the news and happenings in Bongo but was disappointed not to find a profile about the author on this website. Do you have a profile up somwhere that tells your reader more about who the person behind the writing is?

  2. kifimbocheza Says:

    Hi Elsie

    thank you for your kind comments. The answer is no, there is no profile! I write this primarily for my own benefit. Also, sometimes I touch on affairs that are relevant to my work, so it is easier to remain anonymous, rather than arguing with my bosses. Mind you, nothing here is especially controversial and all is based on information in the public domain.

  3. Pernille Says:

    Interesting blog. And thanx for your comment on mine. I’m also curious to know more about you – but I understand.


  4. Alanna Says:

    Kifimbocheza, I am relaunching my blog with a new design at, as a group blog. Would you be interested in being a contributor? I see you have stopped this blog, but an occasional post to a group blog would be less intensive.

  5. vicky Says:

    come back lps jamani kifimbo.

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