Leo mchana, sote tulisikiliza redio kusikia Rais kutangaza Baraza mpya. “Nani atabaki?” “Nani atafukuzwa?”. Basi, ilitangazwa. Maswali tena. “Unamwonaje Mkulo?” “Jamani Andrew Chenge alikuwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wakati wa IPTL, si ndiyo?!”

Leo jioni, nilianza kusoma By the Sea, kitabu kimechoandikwa na Abdulrazak Gurnah. Niliguswa na yafuatayo…..

The upper air is always full of agitation because God and his angels live there and debate high policy, and flush out treachery and rebellion. They do not welcome casual listeners or informers or self-servers and have the fate of the universe to darken their brows and whiten their hair. As a precaution, the angels release a corrosive shower every now and then to deter mischievous eavesdroppers with a threat of deforming wounds. The middle air is the arena for contention, where the clerks and the ante-room afreets and the wordy jinns and flabby serpents writhe and flap and fume as they strain for the counsels of their betters. Ack ack, did you hear what he said? What can it mean? In the murk of the lower is where you’ll find the venomless time-servers and the fantasists who’ll believe anything and defer to everything, the gullible and the spiritless throngs that crowd and pollute the narrowing spaces where they congregate, and that’s where you’ll find me.