Chinese involvement in Africa gets a certain amount of attention due to rising Chinese investment in the continent. Less attention is paid to China’s political involvement, with the exception of Darfur. And even there is even less thought given to reflecting on developments within China, and considering them in the light of changes here.

Yesterday I read Alice Poon’s translation of a piece by Hu Shuli, which can be found here on the Asia Sentinel website. I am not aware of Hu’s background, but she can probably safely be described as a public intellectual. Some of the issues that Hu addresses remind one of political dynamics here in Tanzania.

Hu’s piece was written in the light of the 17th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party and analyses the prospects for political reforms catching up with market oriented economic reforms.

We probably have more to learn from places such as China when it comes to political change than from western donor countries, who have been driving the process here since the early 1990s.

Also have a look at the video link that Alice Poon gives us. Coincidentally, the full documentary was broadcast on Pulse TV here in Tanzania this week.