Professa Issa Shivji ametoa mawazo yake juu ya kisa cha Zitto Kabwe na ulinzi wa maliasili yetu. Mjengwa ameshaitangaza kwake. Soma, fikiria, utafaidi….

The suspension of Honourable Zitto Kabwe from parliament is not simply an episode. It is a beginning of an epitath on the last twenty years of reckless privatisation and exploitation of national wealth and resources. The suspension was an occasion for the people to give vent to their accumulated grievances, problems, and frustrations.

Two decades of neo-liberal reforms has produced a deeply divided society and an utterly fractured politics. At one pole, there is a small group of filthy rich (walalaheri), who have used all means, fair and foul, to accumulate wealth. At the other pole, are the large majority of the wretched poor (walalahoi), who are desperately trying to keep body and soul together. Under Mwalimu, the ratio between the highest and the lowest wage/salary income earners was something like 1 to 8. The current one is 1 to 50, and that is an underestimate because it does not take into account unofficial, informal, and unaccounted incomes. (more…)