Earlier today, Issa Michuzi posted part of an email he apparently received that appeared to make accusations against some of those involved in Global Scouting Bureau. GSB is a US based sports company, that has tried to establish operations here. Its operations appear to never have been smooth, with a trip to the UK for youth players cancelled abruptly last year, if my memory serves me well.

Issa gave us a link that, from the url, appeared to be that of the Global Scouting Bureau, but brought readers to a poorly designed and badly written (indeed, badly spelled) web page. This gave some names of supposed conmen and a range of scanned documentation involving some gold nuggets that were to be shipped to New York. It looked like a set up. Why would GSB illustrate its ‘global operations’ with pictures of the New Orleans floods? Why would an international firm (of which I know little) create such trouble for itself by making unsubstantiated accusations?

Within hours, the post was deleted. What happened? Why post it in the first place? What on earth is going on?

Off topic (or maybe not), Issa Michuzi’s site appears to be the first Tanzanian blog to have attracted commercial advertising, from CRDB Bank. This reflects it’s ‘must read’ popularity. But will it lead to blandness?